Latest Residential and Commercial Buildings

Latest Residential and Commercial Buildings

Ireland is coming up in the world in terms architectural commercial and residential buildings, as many architects are building projects to help the locals and international visitors of Ireland to be in More ยป


The Effect of Windows on a House Design

There are many reasons why you should consider build your new home with lots of windows. They look attractively modern and are quite an eco-friendly choice.

A great benefit of installing many windows is the useful space that they create. Windows allow natural light so you will have less of a need for energy draining light installations. The more light you direct in your house the lower the wattage you will need.

How to Decorate Your Home on a Budget

This article is about how you can decorate your home cheaply yet splendidly. Home decoration can be rather costly but it need not be!

When on a budget, it is important to maximise the amount of money you have to spend. Doesn’t matter whether you’r buying paint or new furniture: planning is essential. Anything you buy, be sure that you can follow the DIY instructions or know someone who can. Also ensure that any items you need to buy do not need other expenses.

Latest Residential and Commercial Buildings

Ireland is coming up in the world in terms architectural commercial and residential buildings, as many architects are building projects to help the locals and international visitors of Ireland to be in touch with new architecture as well as new technology that will be used in these new projects. They strive to show the importance of these new buildings and how they are going to benefit them in the long run by being more eco-friendly as well as beautifully designed.

Real Estate Laws in Ireland

The Real Estate Laws of Ireland are very strong with their tenant protection laws. As the owners are free to negotiate rents, but it must never exceed the open market rate. There is a definite need for people to know the property laws that are enforced in Ireland to make sure you are never put in a bad situation, so learning a few of these important laws can help you secure an investment you make in Ireland, if you are looking to buy a property.

Famous Old Mansions in Ireland

Great architectural designs and centuries of historic mansions are found in large numbers in Ireland and they are even able to be rented out (or only a part of the old mansions) for people to stay and get to know the owners of the historic homes.

Clonalis House, County Roscommon

Refurbished Old Homes

Ireland is famous for its old castles that are still very well preserved and for cottages and homes in the countryside which have lasted for ages. But in some places old homes are starting to fall apart, either by natural causes or just human interaction, which is why many old homes are being redesigned by their owners, having them refurbished can be an expensive, but a very worthwhile idea if you are willing to put your effort and time into it.

Why Visit Glenveagh National Park

As one of six national park’s, Glenveagh National Park is Ireland’s second largest park at an impressive 14,000 acres. This national park was opened in 1986 to the public, and has attracted many tourists to come and visit for its amazing features. Glenveagh is County Donegal’s number one attraction, as many activities are able to be completed and achieved in this notorious national park as it is filled with adventure opportunities.

Famous Irish Cottages

Ireland is famous for it’s idyllic cottages, and many people dream about owning their own thatched cottage. A properly thatched roof will certainly outlive those dwelling beneath it, while providing excellent insulation and waterproofing properties.The traditional Irish thatched cottage, with its whitewashed stone walls is synonymous with the Emerald Island’s traditional culture. Sadly, each year fewer of these buildings remain. Fortunately, a surge of new cottage owners have decided to restore them to their former glory.

The Dot Architecture and Soc-Arc company

Dot Architecture

The Bournemouth-based architectural firm is run by Darren Henderson, James Whitney and Charlie Wynn. Their architectural projects/schemes are ranged from very small (as small as just only a porch) to massively large (a hotel conversion), with their lengthy experience between the three architects, they offer their expertise, and give honest, realistic and accurate advice on what you are able to obtain from the project you want to achieve, whether that may be from adding extensions to your home, or rebuilding a new home.

What is the C-House

A design from the Irish architect firms Dot Architecture and Soc-Arc, the C-House is inspired from the traditional Irish bungalow, the bungalow has a single row of low-silled windows, that gives an illusion that each block of the house has only one storey inside, but in fact it doesn’t, once you are inside the home, you will see one of the blocks contains two floors of bedrooms, while the other homes would contain double-height living and dining rooms.