About Us

At Niall McLaughlin Architects, we do not say we specialise in particular building types, because we consider our architecture to be of the highest quality (for modern architecture), and enjoy having a broad range of projects, such as:

  • In the Office
  • Town Master Plans
  • Schools
  • Health Centres
  • Community Buildings
  • Group Housing
  • Private Residential Houses
  • Exhibitions
  • Furniture and Bandstands

We consider the building materials, qualities of light and the surroundings of the building to be an important aspect, and the issues to be more dire than working in a particular style, and aim that each project will be an original interpretation of our dedicated clients, site, and budget.

For us, our practice is understood as a range of activities which are all necessary to each other, as the design of our buildings, fittings and furniture, making buildings, installations and models, lecturing and writing about our architecture, collaborating with our craftsmen and construction workers, artists and consultants.

We use a wide variety of materials in all of our projects. We are delighted using the combination of traditional and modern construction techniques. All of our designs are discussed with the makers/clients, but not only in terms of the performance, but also as aesthetic propositions. A good builder generally needs to have a good eye to sense the needs of any building (the location, needed space, importance of light, and the atmosphere of the surroundings of the building). In particular the way in which materials alter space by modulating light, combing it, diffusing it, storing it and or changing its speed, is what we desire to achieve, and is shown in our works, how we are more focused on the overall presence of a space.

We have our base of architecture located at Camden High Street, on the opposite side to Camden Town station and heading towards Mornington Crescent.