Basic Architecture Features of Irish Homes

Propertytips2Jan16_largeThe architecture of Ireland is one of the main features that is visible in the countryside, as we have discussed the different type of Bungalows and inside the city Dormers and multi-storey homes are mostly seen in the vast lands of Ireland. However, there is much more that can be seen from the homes of Ireland.

We can also see the famous Irish cottages spread throughout the countryside, that have survived since the Georgian times, many Castles that have been kept intact since the Anglo-Irish era. However, they will mostly keep the same architecture throughout the buildings, by being built small, and close together so that families and neighbors would likely to see and communicate with each other, as Ireland would be a country where everyone would come to help each other for those that are in need.

The inside of an Irish home would contain mostly what we would see in Bungalows, the ground floor would contain the basic home features that is required (the kitchen, dining area and lounge for the family), and depending if the home is a single storey, the rooms will also be on the first floor, but close to each other, like a close family, however if there is a second storey, the rooms and bathrooms would be located onto the second storey.

Regarding what is used for the building materials, most homes are still intact from the previous eras, so many of the bungalows and cottages that are seen in the countryside are built with stone, and the more modernized homes of Ireland would be made from concrete or very high quality wood to be inside the homes.

Inside a typical home in Ireland, you would have rooms that are refurbished with wood, and only of the highest quality and furniture that is made from wood to compliment the decorations inside an Irish Home.