Buying a 4+ room Bungalow

living-room-home-for-sale-heidelberg-ontario-1600-5689318In Ireland, you would typically find 4+ room bungalows within a 2-storey bungalow, as it is more spacious and is specifically for more designed for larger groups of families, because around 2 families can be situated in these bungalows, sharing the amount of rooms available.

On the bottom floor you would get the large dining room, kitchen for cooking, and a lounge big enough for both families to sit in. The upstairs/first floor would have all the bathrooms and bedrooms available for the buyers to sleep and wash in.

The reasons why we would suggest you to buy a 4+ room bungalow, is if you have a large family, or large group of guests coming to buy/rent the bungalow, because mostly what you will get from a big bungalow like this, is the space! It gives space for the buyers to do whatever they need with a large group or multi-family needs.

Also, if you had to differ from the price range of a 3-room bungalow, and a 4+ room bungalow, there is not much of a difference in selling price, it could be from £50,000 (cheapest for a 3-room bungalow), and a 4-room bungalow would only be £75,000 (these are the cheapest you will find). So you can definitely get your values worth from buying a more spacious bungalow for an affordable price.

However, the prices we have shown you, are for the cheapest available on sale as of now, but obviously there may be prices which are much higher than this, as we have told you before, many bungalows have a uniqueness within them, that makes them always different from each other. Whether that be the furniture that is put inside, the materials that were used to build the bungalow and also and most importantly, the location of the bungalow.