Construction and Planning

blueprints-rolledAs construction needs to be done in Ireland in order to build more multi-storeyed homes and bungalows, a lot of planning needs to be done by the architects and government because a lot of land has to be bought and used in order to build these new homes for the local area. This is why the location of a home is particularly important, and crucial in fact, because land either needs to be bought, which is either derelict (not in use), or currently in use by other homes (which are either too old, or not being bought because it is not attracting any buyers), so decisions have to be made about construction sites and planning on where to build the new homes for Irish locals and other international investors.

Another factor that needs to be solved for planning is the funding of a project to build more homes, as funding would be the only source of income of a construction company and architect in order for them to build the new homes that are high in demand, this is why we see an increase in the prices, as the funding for projects as these are also high.

Timing is another factor, as the demand increases, the time in which the houses are built in have to be in range of 5-10 years (for property that will be built in a group, such as 10,000 new homes), as the way in which new modern building are built, they have to be given time and proper evaluation before they are even sold, if they are built wrong, or not up to the standards of Irish law, they can be charged or even prosecuted by the Irish governments if they do not meet these standards. So in order for the homes for new multi-storeys and bungalows to be made and sold, they have to be given time so that they can pass the evaluations of standards given by Irish law.