Famous Irish Cottages

Ireland is famous for it’s idyllic cottages, and many people dream about owning their own thatched cottage. A properly thatched roof will certainly outlive those dwelling beneath it, while providing excellent insulation and waterproofing properties.The traditional Irish thatched cottage, with its whitewashed stone walls is synonymous with the Emerald Island’s traditional culture. Sadly, each year fewer of these buildings remain. Fortunately, a surge of new cottage owners have decided to restore them to their former glory.

Torispardon-by-Stuart-Archer-and-Liz-Marinko_dezeen_468_3-e1425055893322Although this is a traditional project, it can be approached in a modern way. Anything can be sourced online nowadays. Uber is quickly replacing traditional taxis, Tinder has sped up the dating game and with an online casino app, punters need not even leave the comfort of their homes. Trusted traders can be found with the TrustATrader app for greater peace of mind.

Restoration Tips and Advice

Most thatched cottages in Ireland are at least 200 – 250 years old. When you consider buying one, expect to find a number of botch jobs and original features hidden by chip board.

  • The roof should be a primary concern. Have it inspected by a professional and be aware that full restoration will take a large chunk of your budget.
  • Past renovations are likely to have used concrete to combat problems such as damp. This is not an ideal material for such a house and traditional methods will generally work best. Replace concrete with breathable, natural materials like lime.
  • Modern features such as an indoor toilet may not exist. Indeed, you may even need to install a septic tank.
  • Expect it to be hard work.
  • Planning permission can take a long time!
  • Seek advice from tradesmen who have experience in similar restorations.
  • Know that it’s going to be expensive. A minimum budget of at least €100,000 is recommended.