Famous Old Mansions in Ireland

Great architectural designs and centuries of historic mansions are found in large numbers in Ireland and they are even able to be rented out (or only a part of the old mansions) for people to stay and get to know the owners of the historic homes.

Clonalis House, County Roscommon

slider-10The Last of the High Kings of Ireland Home is now open to the public to sleep in, obviously shared with the owners Pyers and Marguerite O’Conor Nash. This lovely home was once the dwelling of the last kings of the Kingdom of Connacht, the O’Conor family line can be traced down right to this moment. The ancient luxuries and gorgeous landscapes surrounding the mansion makes it into the list of the greatest mansions to stay in.

Enniscoe House, County Mayo

In the western region of Ireland lies the elegant Georgian Manor House and the owner Susan Kellet is a direct descendant of the original family who settled in this home in the 1600s. The gorgeous Victorian walled gardens, museum, and history on the family of the estate are just a few of the great activities to do in the Mansion. Susan is also well known to have great hospitality, making it feel like as if you are in your own home, but of course it is probably a little larger.

Bantry House, County Cork

Bantry House, was owned by Richard White who was the Earl of Bantry, and a direct descendant of him is Egerton Shelswell-White. This mansion is hailed as one of the most historic and beautiful houses in the whole of Ireland. Visitors are allowed to stay overnight for bed and breakfast, or even self-catering, as well as meet with a member of the Shelswell-White family and get a great tour of the mansion and surrounding area, to see how it is like to live in a great mansion.