FKL Architects

a-house-by-fkl-architects-0810_slr_groundfloor_09A RIAI (Royal Institute of the Architecture of Ireland) registered member, FKL was established in Dublin in 1998, by the long cooperation of Michelle Fagan, Paul Kelly and Gary Lysaght, using their initials of their last name to create the name of their architecture firm. The FKL practice is focused to contemporary designs and a strong commitment to the application of abstract ideas to their projects and buildings.

FKL Approach

The architecture firm takes a sensible and always realistic approach to all of their projects. As they will conduct an analysis for the brief, the location/site and the context of the design and building. Each project always has its first principles and primary concepts, that they keep to, and is reflected in all the decisions and materials that complement and makes the stronger connection between their clients ideas and actual build.

Their work will cover an extensive range of project types, as their experience varies from private to public, domestic to commercial. They will be delighted to take upon any project, whether small scale or large scaled, as they see any project as a challenge to find creative and logical resolutions to their projects, and deliver with their projects with top quality.


FKL is environmentally aware, and determined to have all their designs to be energy efficient, by avoiding the unnecessary use of technological or mechanical solutions and instead, putting most of their time and focus to use appropriate materials to naturally light and ventilate, so that the space and view of a home is an importance to the design of FKL.

Their recent awards go to the A-House design, that was completed in 2009 and awarded with the AAI award in 2011, where the house was built for a single family located in the Victorian suburb in Dublin.