Homes on Waterloo Lane

12120537_1648738752072411_1092911608_nWaterloo Lane is located in the city of Dublin, Ireland. It is a typical Dublin inner suburban mew lanes. New built houses, refurnished and redesigned is now very popular inside this area of Dublin. As many architects are taking up on projects which are replacing large former coach houses located to the rear of late Georgian houses and narrow laneways. Many owners of these buildings could not use the parking spaces outside their homes because it was too narrow for any parking available, so they were forced to either park in the lanes/roads that were further away from their homes or make space inside their buildings for parking lots/garages.

An architect firm TAKA, took it upon themselves to start a project where buildings that were not using their garages, where wasting their space was a major problem in these buildings. So garage conversion and refurbishment was a main focus of their project in Waterloo Lane. The idea of converting the garage then percolated into the other buildings where converting their ground floor and other areas in the building to be more open, allow for more space and light to enter the building to give an enhancement of the view and atmosphere of the home.

We can see that the newly built homes in Waterloo Lane are being architecturally upgraded and designed to open up the view of their homes from the narrow lanes, allowing for a natural and green atmospheric feel in the home.

This is why we believe that the Waterloo Lane is a great area to look up on if you are looking for an area to buy/rent in Dublin, as many upgrades and refurbishments will be made in order to attract the eye of investors and they are successfully gaining the attention of international and local buyers, as they see the opportunity of new homes to stay in the populated city of Dublin.