Latest Residential and Commercial Buildings

Ireland is coming up in the world in terms architectural commercial and residential buildings, as many architects are building projects to help the locals and international visitors of Ireland to be in touch with new architecture as well as new technology that will be used in these new projects. They strive to show the importance of these new buildings and how they are going to benefit them in the long run by being more eco-friendly as well as beautifully designed.

Cork’s One Albert Quay

The new commercial building is set to be the most advanced in technological and architectural building in Cork. As this new building sets to show off how compact, and accessible Cork’s city center really is. As the building is very close to bike stops, multi-storey car parking lots as well as bus and railway stations. As the building boasts its other features, such as the car registration scanners, bike counting, room booking and button-less lifts and many more interesting technologies which is all done with the help of Tyco.

NZEB (Near Zero Energy Buildings)

Ireland has implemented what the EU-wide initiative of a building that has nearly zero energy usage, where the use of renewable energy materials and great designers are brain storming their ideas and knowledge to help make dreams come true. As the EU wants to try and make every new building and current building to be entirely energy efficient, they have tried to implement this act in several areas of Ireland. At a new stillhouse at the Irish Distillers complex in Midleton, County Cork, as well as a Tesco Supermarket in Cabra Cross which is to the north of Dublin, and lastly a house commissioned by the former politician Pat Cox in Blackrock, County Dublin.

These are just a few of the projects that are being implemented in Ireland and there is many more to come in the near future of Irish architecture.