Modern Homes in Cities

DublinMontageIn the cities of Ireland, it is common to see old homes are being remodeled and redesigned for the building of new homes, that are more modern and have the features and amenities required of this day and age. As many new homes now require for internet access, security and higher quality building material, which may have not been available at the time of the building of old-fashioned buildings.

This is why we would see many Irish architects who will take on a vast amount of projects in order to liven up the homes of Irish people, and give them a more modernized aspect and home to be delighted to come home to every day of their life.

Open House by John McLaughlin

This wooden house was designed by John McLaughlin for his own family, incorporating sliding glass doors into a timber frame of a suburban home in Dublin. An aim for most modern architects is to build a warm and bright home, able to satisfy any family. As any homes needs a way to access the garden, McLaughlin thought of this idea and tried it out on his own home.

House at Goleen by Niall McLaughlin Architects

This modernized rural cottage is located on the southern coast of Ireland and was extended with the addition of four mono-pitched blocks clad in the uniform Irish blue limestone. The most impressive feature of this extended addition is that the four blocks also look like a home if viewed at a certain angle. As well as the building material, of limestone is used as it will complement the surrounding area, as over time limestone weathers and also reflects when wet.

Waterloo Lane by TAKA

Another small extension by the architects of TAKA, where they converted an unused garage and made it into a lovely street facing window of nature, as they made a little garden on the outside, but on the inside what use to be a garage is now a spacious kitchen, showing us how to best utilize our space in our homes and how to make great use of it.