Latest Residential and Commercial Buildings

Latest Residential and Commercial Buildings

Ireland is coming up in the world in terms architectural commercial and residential buildings, as many architects are building projects to help the locals and international visitors of Ireland to be in More »


FKL Architects

a-house-by-fkl-architects-0810_slr_groundfloor_09A RIAI (Royal Institute of the Architecture of Ireland) registered member, FKL was established in Dublin in 1998, by the long cooperation of Michelle Fagan, Paul Kelly and Gary Lysaght, using their initials of their last name to create the name of their architecture firm. The FKL practice is focused to contemporary designs and a strong commitment to the application of abstract ideas to their projects and buildings.

Basic Architecture Features of Irish Homes

Propertytips2Jan16_largeThe architecture of Ireland is one of the main features that is visible in the countryside, as we have discussed the different type of Bungalows and inside the city Dormers and multi-storey homes are mostly seen in the vast lands of Ireland. However, there is much more that can be seen from the homes of Ireland.

Greenery in Irish Homes

2c197328c18f5c55da2aa55f4afe9dfeOne of the things many visitors to Ireland notice when they first reach Ireland are the outstanding view of greenery across all the landscapes, which is what mostly attracts buyers and international investors into seeking Irish homes because of its beautiful view, and lovely people to go with it. But most buyers would love to see that type of greenery surrounding their homes or inside their homes as well in order to give it an earthly and home feel.

Modern Homes in Cities

DublinMontageIn the cities of Ireland, it is common to see old homes are being remodeled and redesigned for the building of new homes, that are more modern and have the features and amenities required of this day and age. As many new homes now require for internet access, security and higher quality building material, which may have not been available at the time of the building of old-fashioned buildings.

Homes on Waterloo Lane

12120537_1648738752072411_1092911608_nWaterloo Lane is located in the city of Dublin, Ireland. It is a typical Dublin inner suburban mew lanes. New built houses, refurnished and redesigned is now very popular inside this area of Dublin. As many architects are taking up on projects which are replacing large former coach houses located to the rear of late Georgian houses and narrow laneways.

Niall McLaughlin Architects

Niall McLaughlin Architects is an architectural firm located in London, England. Niall McLaughlin emphasizes strongly that the inventive use of building materials, the qualities of light and the relationship of a building and its surroundings are important.

As the name implies, the company is run by Niall McLaughlin, who established the architect firm in 1990. Since then, they have grown to employ 24 people including two associates who joined Niall in developing the practice.

Construction and Planning

blueprints-rolledAs construction needs to be done in Ireland in order to build more multi-storeyed homes and bungalows, a lot of planning needs to be done by the architects and government because a lot of land has to be bought and used in order to build these new homes for the local area. This is why the location of a home is particularly important, and crucial in fact, because land either needs to be bought, which is either derelict (not in use), or currently in use by other homes (which are either too old, or not being bought because it is not attracting any buyers),

The Latest Plan Prices in Ireland

price-tagThe prices for multi-storey homes in Ireland is considerably higher than bungalows that are sold in Ireland, as they offer more space and also larger variety in populated areas. We see that houses in Ireland are sold at €300,000, which is the average price that is seen in areas such as Dublin and Belfast. This is because the prices for new designed and multi-storey homes are more expensive than the less modern multi-storey homes in Ireland.

The latest multi-storey homes in Ireland

Multi-storey homes are becoming particularly popular in the most populated areas of Ireland such as Dublin and Belfast. As we have to understand the growing trend of new ‘type’ of property buyers, there is an increasing interest in the Irish property market, these come from either the leading domestic and also international investors which are only increasing in a very high rate.

Various kinds of Dormers

A dormer is a building that protrudes from a plane of a sloping roof surface. The reason why it is unique is because dormers are used to create additional space and usable space in the roof of a building by adding headroom and enabling the use of more windows in the house. They are used for a source of light and also as ventilation for top floors.