Real Estate in Ireland

RealEstate(1)Ireland is an island located in Western Europe in the north-west of the United Kingdom. However, politically it is divided into the Republic of Ireland (a sovereign state) and Northern Ireland (which is a constituent of the United Kingdom).

As we have seen, the vast majority of the population would live in either Dublin (with 1,110,627 people) or Belfast (with 333,000 people) so Real Estate and properties in Ireland would be vast in these areas. But as we know, depending on your preferences you may prefer areas that are less populated for a quiet and relaxing atmosphere (such as Waterford with 65,928 people).

Ireland real estate has more than you could think of, as the amazing green land (great for those who love the view of landscapes), ideal weather and cultural discovery are just some of the features that are appealing in Ireland. Vacation homes, bungalows and many other realty in Ireland is vast, depending if you are looking for a short vacation or long term living. It is a unique living experience as lands or homes are for sale in the most unique of areas, from a cozy and historic town to the most modern and vibrant cities, Ireland can be the experience you are searching for and we believe that there is something there for every style and preference.

Although you should know that before you buy real estate in Ireland, there are a few facts that we have gathered. Ireland has currently 10165 homes for sale, these different properties can range from single family, or multiple family homes, and to flats or condos. The option of rental is possible, but also unlikely which is why if you’re interested in home values, you have to keep in mind that when searching for a real estate you desire, you should try to search in all areas of Ireland, because you might find the perfect estate that you want, in the place you least expect!