Real Estate Laws in Ireland

The Real Estate Laws of Ireland are very strong with their tenant protection laws. As the owners are free to negotiate rents, but it must never exceed the open market rate. There is a definite need for people to know the property laws that are enforced in Ireland to make sure you are never put in a bad situation, so learning a few of these important laws can help you secure an investment you make in Ireland, if you are looking to buy a property.

Buying/Selling a House

The Land Registry Title. The owner of a property that is registered, will have a Land Registry Title, and also a numbered portfolio, this document will have a description of the name and address of the owner, the map property, this shows the conclusive evidence of ownership of the property. So when you are buying property or even selling, this document has to be produced in order to buy or sell.


If you are having a joint tenancy between yourself and another person co-own a land/property, you should definitely know the details of what title you are under,and basically what you own in the house you are co-owning as this have affects of how you sell/mortgage and also rent off the property. Unity of Possession is the right that both owners have equal right of ownership of the property, and that no one shall have more.

Unity of Title means that the tenancy shall originate from the same source, and single conveyance.

Unity of Time is also an importance, as this means that the interest of both co-owners must have vested at the same time again by a single indenture document.

Having just a little basic knowledge of real estate laws in Ireland can get you far and make sure that you are never in the wrong position of the law when you are either buying/selling/renting any property that you may want to buy in Ireland.