Refurbished Old Homes

Ireland is famous for its old castles that are still very well preserved and for cottages and homes in the countryside which have lasted for ages. But in some places old homes are starting to fall apart, either by natural causes or just human interaction, which is why many old homes are being redesigned by their owners, having them refurbished can be an expensive, but a very worthwhile idea if you are willing to put your effort and time into it.

27b5717d-1f6d-4291-aa2f-fca0b921a12551587_HiResThere are many Irish architects who take pride in to helping their clients by giving great advice as to how they should refurbish their homes, how they are able to improve and provide space to give their new homes a more lively and lightened look. So before buying any property in Ireland, you will most likely have to consult into an architect to help you renovate, restore and re-design the home you will buy. But this is not a problem, as Ireland has many famous architects who relish the idea of many projects and are always helpful with great service to their clients (e.g Niall McLaughlin Architects, TAKA, Dot Architect and Soc-Arc).

Thatched cottages are decreasing in number and they are no longer as popular as they once were. But if you are looking for a thatched cottage, you can easily restore a cottage and keep its traditional structure, as many building materials used in the earlier 1900s are not used for many modern buildings these days, so it is not a problem to refurbish old homes, and renovate the inside furniture will either be your personal desire, or fixing the already used furniture inside the homes. As well as installing any new amenities needed, or any that need to be fixed by a specialist in order to keep the home up and running.