The Dot Architecture and Soc-Arc company

Dot Architecture

The Bournemouth-based architectural firm is run by Darren Henderson, James Whitney and Charlie Wynn. Their architectural projects/schemes are ranged from very small (as small as just only a porch) to massively large (a hotel conversion), with their lengthy experience between the three architects, they offer their expertise, and give honest, realistic and accurate advice on what you are able to obtain from the project you want to achieve, whether that may be from adding extensions to your home, or rebuilding a new home. They give the option of free consultation and giving their honest opinions to clients in need of their help, as they are well known to have a long history of good designing and great personal service.

Eco Friendly Homes

The focus of any project from Dot Architecture is to be as eco-friendly as possible, as they have a Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH) which ensures that their new builds will be as eco-friendly as much as they can. They do this by giving advice to their clients, varying from solar panels/heaters to wind turbines


The young and vibrant architectural firm, they are keen on exploring collective ideas from clients and making their dreams of ideas, come true on paper and designs. As their clients come to them with their ideas, and brain storm which they then convert to real life designs and buildings, making sure to please their clients in every architectural way possible. The masterminds behind this firm are Alan Connolly and Deirdre Keeley along with collaborators Steven Connolly and Grainne Daly.

Both these great firms were the prominent Irish architects that designed the C-house, which is widely known for its great thinking to prevent homes from being flooded, and making sure families will be able to keep their homes safe and eco-friendly.