The latest multi-storey homes in Ireland

Multi-storey homes are becoming particularly popular in the most populated areas of Ireland such as Dublin and Belfast. As we have to understand the growing trend of new ‘type’ of property buyers, there is an increasing interest in the Irish property market, these come from either the leading domestic and also international investors which are only increasing in a very high rate.

The UK and Ireland are experiencing a rise in investment in real estate. This is true of casinos and other gambling establishments also. Ireland does not have many traditional casinos, and as such cannot build residential or tourist complexes, around these enormous cash and money drawing establishments. Instead, investors and users are turning to online casinos such as CasinoEpoca Online Casino.

As homes with multiple storeys are higher priced than bungalows, they are usually situated in cities and not in the countryside, so you would tend to find these homes in populated areas. The reason why the multi-storey homes in Ireland would be priced higher, is because they add the factor of dormers included in their homes, which makes it larger than a normal bungalow. The houses with dormers, have more space, within the attic to be used and also head room within the house as well. Location also plays a key factor into the latest homes in Ireland, as they will be planned to be near central cities, for potential buyers who are looking for affordable priced homes (as before we mentioned that property in Ireland is mostly cheaper than that in other areas of Europe, and especially in the United Kingdom).

As we have discovered that the government of the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland will also be building and planning to build more property within the central cities, to further increase the investors of buying their property, but this also changes the architectural view of the new homes, as they have to meet the standards and catch the eye of the potential buyers. They have to give a more modern look to the homes (which would be much more different than the vintage bungalows that are sold in Ireland), so using much different building materials and designs to appeal to the investors is needed for the latest multi-storey homes in Ireland.