Various kinds of Dormers

A dormer is a building that protrudes from a plane of a sloping roof surface. The reason why it is unique is because dormers are used to create additional space and usable space in the roof of a building by adding headroom and enabling the use of more windows in the house. They are used for a source of light and also as ventilation for top floors.

There are many different types of dormers and these include

  • Gable fronted dormer: These are simply called Gable Dormers, the front of the dormer is lifted along the flat plane to a point of the roof. It is similar to that of a Dog House, as its appearance is very similar.
  • Hip roof dormer: The style of the dormer is analogue to the hip roof, it has 3 sloping planes and they all converge to the ridge of the dormer.
  • Flat roof dormer: The roof of the dormer is flat, parallel to the ground with a front eave that is also made parallel to the main roof eave.
  • Shed Dormer: This dormer has a flat roof, but the roof also slopes at a downward angle. Shed dormers are able to provide more space in the attic, and also more head room.
  • Wall Dormer: This type of dormer is whose face is coplanar with the face of the wall below.
  • Link Dormer: This is a larger dormer, that usually houses a chimney or a joining of one part of a roof to another.
  • Bonneted Dormer: This type of dormer is an arched roof shape, rounded at the view from the front. This is a popular style in Victorian homes.
  • Nantucket Dormer: This is a mixture of two gable dormers that is then connected with a shed dormer.
  • Lucarne: This is a small dormer in a roof or spire.