Various types of Bungalows


Bungalows are the most common type of house built in the Irish countryside, as they are roomy, cozy and very relaxing for a family. Bungalows became more popular as there was a trend of Irish people moving into rural areas and buying their own plots of land. There are various types of Bungalows in Ireland that you are able to buy/rent from the owners of the land, the different styles in which they are built is also why it is very popular for people to go and look at what styles Ireland has to offer for you.

1 Storey Bungalow

The typical bungalow that you would see in a countryside, is the popular 1 storey Bungalow, which is usually 3-4 rooms, 1 bathroom, a lounge and a kitchen. This design is seen throughout Ireland, but the way it is positioned in the home is always different, as bungalows can have the ‘L-shaped design’ where the bungalow looks like the actual letter L, or a typical straight line. Depending on where you go in Ireland, whether it be close to the countryside or near modern cities, you will see a variation of vintage bungalows, which use cobblestone and other various stones to build their bungalows, and the inside would contain furniture that has been used for many years. The modern bungalows will be like a normal house, and the inside made of vintage wood, giving it an elegant design, this is why there is so much attraction to bungalows in Ireland, there is always a unique design to be found that is different with each bungalow.

2 Storey Bungalow

The next type of bungalow you would see is the 2 storey bungalow, where the ground floor would contain the kitchen, lounge, dining area whereas the first floor would contain the bathroom and bedrooms (usually 3-4 rooms). This is also a popular design, used typically by a large family. It can have the same designs on the outside, but always in the inside there in a unique look.