What is the C-House

A design from the Irish architect firms Dot Architecture and Soc-Arc, the C-House is inspired from the traditional Irish bungalow, the bungalow has a single row of low-silled windows, that gives an illusion that each block of the house has only one storey inside, but in fact it doesn’t, once you are inside the home, you will see one of the blocks contains two floors of bedrooms, while the other homes would contain double-height living and dining rooms. So in total there would be around three blocks that would all contain different features and furniture.

The reason why these Irish architects thought of building the C-house, is because a 1980’s family home was flooded during 2008 in Kildare, and was irreparable, as the home was flash flooded and submerged in one meter of water. So devastated as the family was, they saw the inevitable, and knew that more floods were soon to come, and they had to prepare in order to save their home from becoming irreparable again. The family had the opportunity to rebuild and remodel so that it could be safe from possible future flooding.

The idea for the architects was to try and keep the traditional look of Irish bungalows on the outside, as the surrounding nature and landscapes were always the same, they wanted to keep the traditional look of homes similar too, but the inside was where major changes were made. As on the ground floor, the walls were cut to the cill level, in order to raise the floors by 1.2 meters (higher than the flood), and the existing wood that was left of the walls were used to connect the three blocks together (The dining/living/sleeping rooms all connected between the three blocks), and to have raised floors in order for prevention of flooding. The beauty of the house is that it still focuses on the use of natural light to shine through the darkened areas of the home.

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