Why should you buy a 3-room Bungalow?

850_000_house_dublin_4150090450129070710We have discovered that the majority of bungalows in Ireland tend to have 3-rooms, as the typical family in Ireland has 4 people. This is why it is perfect to have a 3 bedroom bungalow, as there will be a room for each the family members.

The reasons we believe that you should buy a 3-room bungalow if you are a small family are because it is cozy, warm and definitely keep your family close, and as the bungalow will be just 1 storey for 3 rooms, it would be easy for a family to have a lovely dinner together in the dining room and afterwards stay in the lounge to watch TV or play family games with each other. We think that the 3-room bungalow is popular mostly among small families, or a group of travelers that are seeking coziness.

The only possibly detracting feature that you need to look for in a bungalow is surprisingly not the inside of the house, as they are all unique and always have a lovely furniture for you to stay in, but it is the ‘Location’, this is the most important for you to choose, that is where you will buy your bungalow, where is the best place for you to stay with your family, and this would all depend on you. If you like the scenic and beach side view for your family, you will mostly look for bungalows that are located in the countryside, away from civilization and all the green scenery for you to look at. However, if you prefer the modern look, you have to search near areas that are highly populated such as Belfast or Dublin, as these areas are the most modern parts of Ireland. The 3-room bungalow definitely wide in terms of pricing but is usually not too expensive, as buying real estate in Ireland is cheaper than anywhere else in the United Kingdom.