Why Visit Glenveagh National Park

As one of six national park’s, Glenveagh National Park is Ireland’s second largest park at an impressive 14,000 acres. This national park was opened in 1986 to the public, and has attracted many tourists to come and visit for its amazing features. Glenveagh is County Donegal’s number one attraction, as many activities are able to be completed and achieved in this notorious national park as it is filled with adventure opportunities.

Why to Visit Glenveagh National Park

It attracts all sorts of tourists and locals, from hill climbers to fishermen from all over the country and internationally. There in the national park, you can hike up to the mountain top and get a lovely view of the whole national park, it is said to be an amazing view that anyone visiting Ireland should be a definite place to go. As well as hiking, you can enjoy dinner with your family inside the Glenveagh castle, which has survived since the late 1800s.

Glenveagh National Park lake is a real treasure as the glittering lake is swarming with salmon and trout, which is why it is a main attraction for many fishermen wanting to catch the big fish. However, since the lake is in a national park, fishermen are not permitted to keep what they catch, as preservation is key.

The wildlife and rare plants in the national park is definitely something you need to look out for, as many rare animals are within the park such as Ireland’s largest herd of red deer which has a shared habitat with the formerly extinct golden eagle (this eagle was reintroduced into the national park in 2000). So if you are looking to take some photographs of wildlife, and catch a great scenery on your walks where you have the possibility of finding the rare golden eagle and other animals, this national park is a must visit attraction in Ireland.